Water is fast becoming the most precious resource, in every part of the world. Little wonder that more and more people are turning to water tanks to provide clean, healthy water. Rainwater has been a staple supplement to scheme water for decades and there is no better way to store rainwater collection than in a ALUZIN Prefab tank.

Aluzin Zincalume Steel Water Tank

Innovators over years

Unique Features of ALUZIN Zincalume Water Tank

ALUZIN Zincalume Tanks have longer life, require low maintenance, high aesthetic appeal and are price competitive as compare to conventional ones (MS, RCC, etc.)


High Grade Reinforced Liner is employed, forecasted to last 50-60 years in a fully roofed tank. Using a liner ensures there is no contact between the steel structure and the stored water (No Silicones or Sealants required).


ALUZIN Zincalume Tanks  are of modular design, can be easily relocated, expandable with increase in height Easy to lift and handle, can be installed almost anywhere.


ALUZIN Zincalume Tank can be installed at site in 15 days whereas RCC tank will take over 2 months. For smaller tanks ranging between 50KL – 150 KL, installation/commissioning time is even less to about 4 – 5 days .


Our tanks are life-long product with maintenance free life of 15-20 years, extendable thereafter to 50-60 years with some maintenance


ALUZIN Zincalume Tanks are alloy based and much stronger. These tanks can bear 20 meter head pressure.


ALUZIN Zincalume Tanks are designed to withstand cyclonic wind condition of 88m/sec wind velocity and earthquake zone IV.


Tanks are light weight, imposes very low load on platform and need less soil load bearing capacity.


Tanks can be shipped or transported almost anywhere. Our tanks can be transported by road, rail, sea, or air if required.

ALUZIN Zincalume Tanks have a range of Zinc Aluminium Steel Prefabricated Liquid storage tanks with reinforced liners, in sizes ranging from 10,000 liters to over 5 million liters.

Used widely in the mining, commercial, industrial and rural markets throughout the globe, ALUZIN Zincalume innovative storage tanks come in modular kit-form enable them to be packed down to one hundredth of their completed size for easy shipment. Like all ALUZIN products, storage tanks are manufactures accredited production facility and adhere to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation procedures.


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